Stargate: Mythos

Reconnaissance mission on KPX-43
The Death of Cthulhu?


Transmitted: SGC-K Command, SGC-K HQ ‘Asylum’
Destination: SGC
Date: June 28th, 2014
Author: 1st Lt Tamerlane Arthur
Ref: Reconnaissance mission on KPX-43

+++++BEGIN REPORT+++++

SG Team: 1st Lt Tamerlane Arthur, LCpl Donald Kracker, Dr. Parker Allen, Tenon’mut

Day 1, 12:03 MT: Team enters Stargate. First experience of gate travel for all team members except for Tenon’mut. Dr. Allen most adversely effected. Recon revealed 8 statues of octopus-headed humanoids with metal rings set into the base. Smoke seen rising from the forest approximately 10 clicks south of the Stargate. Team proceeds to investigate source of smoke.

Day 1, 16:26 MT: Team arrives at large clearing with structures erected inside. Local tech level appears to be medieval. A large gathering of people seen in village ‘square’. Team hides in the tree line and observers some kind of ritual that involves adolescents being put into some kind of machine.

After crowd dispersed Dr. Allen and myself snuck into the village to examine the machine. Dr. Allen determined that it is some kind of genetic scanner, set to detect the presence of the ancient gene. The discovered while trying to sneak back out of the village and an encounter with the village leader briefly turned into a scuffle.

Eventually we were able to talk with the villagers and determined that their ritual was designed to identify children that their god, Cthulhu, wanted. We convinced the village leader that we could drive off Cthulhu without implicating the villagers. They agreed and Dr. Allen began initial negotiations to form a trade agreement.

Day 2, 19:47 MT: We had determined a rough time table for when Cthulhu would arrive through the Stargate. An ambush was set using our C4. The Stargate activated and two dozen Jaffa emerged wearing unfamiliar armor. They were soon followed by who we believe was a goa’uld named Cthulhu. The trap was sprung, killing some of the Jaffa warriors. Cthulhu herself was unharmed as were her temple guard. We opened fire from concealment and LCpl Kracker took the opportunity to fire on Cthulhu and scored a head shot, taking Cthulhu down. The remaining Jaffa evacuated Cthulhu’s body back through the Stargate.

Day 2, 23:00 MT: The team returned to the Asylum.

What we learned:

  • There are definitely Goa’uld active in LGS 3.
  • Cthulhu has access to ancient technology, and the knowledge to modify and use it.
  • Cthulhu was specifically after children with the Ancient gene.
  • Cthulhu, and her temple guard, possess some kind of technology that protects them from harm and/or heals them very quickly. The nature of the tech was not determined.
  • Cthulhu’s exit planet was identified by pulling data from the KPX-43 DHD.

+++++END REPORT+++++


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