Ancient Technology

The technology of the Ancients is much more advanced than anything that the Tau’ri, other humans, the Goa’uld, and the Wraith have yet produced, and will most likely remain so for at least several centuries. Through access to their knowledge and technology, the Tau’ri have gained considerable ground in keeping several galaxies safe from terrible oppressors and enemies.

By the time they ascended, the Ancients had gathered more knowledge than any other race. Even now, that knowledge is far superior to that of the Tau’ri, the Goa’uld, and the Wraith. Only Ori technology, created with ascended knowledge, and the most recent Asgard technology can compare in certain respects. Noted for its massive redundancies and the extensive use of Control crystals, Ancient technology is remarkably similar—in both appearance and function—to that of the Ori, as they both once lived together as one society: the Alterans. Ancient technology is also the most resilient ever seen, remaining intact for millions of years without even minor signs of deterioration or degradation of performance.

Of all their technological creations the Stargates are their most famous, but they have developed devices as diverse and advanced as flying cities, beaming technology, solid holograms, zero-point power sources, devices capable of communicating over intergalactic distances in real time, and FTL travel without entering hyperspace. Much of their weapons technology was designed and used during their century-long war with the Wraith in the Pegasus Galaxy. After returning to the Milky Way, however, the Ancients had no further need for either more powerful weapons or shields (as their only potential enemies were the far inferior Goa’uld), which became somewhat lacking when compared to other technologies created during this time.

As a safeguard, most Ancient technology constructed at least since the building of Atlantis requires the presence of a special gene to use, but in a large number of instances this gene is only required to activate it. In such cases, once active anyone can use the technology, regardless of whether or not they possess the gene. The only known instances where the ATA gene is required for continuous use are in important and potentially dangerous technologies, such as the Control chair.

Notable Tech

The Stargate


The Stargates, also called the Astria Porta in Ancient and the Chappa’ai in Goa’uld, as well as various other names across the universe are a series of devices, built by the Ancients, which create artificial subspace wormholes, allowing for near-instantaneous transportation between two distant points in space. The Stargates are often considered to be the Ancients’ greatest creation, and thus the Ancients are often refereed to as the Gate Builders. The Ancients, the Asurans, the Tollan (with the help of the Nox), and the Ori are the only known races capable of constructing Stargates.

The original Stargate design was created by an Alteran named Amelius, from an idea he formulated the night before the Alterans left their home galaxy for the Milky Way. However, it is unknown if he actually established the first of the Stargate Network. They are among the oldest examples of Ancient technology found in the Milky Way galaxy; the Stargate found in Antarctica on Earth has been estimated to be over 50 million years old, while the Stargates used in the “Destiny mission” are even older.

Life Signs Detector


Hand held devices, they can detect various life signs, but they are incapable of differentiating between species. They are also incapable of detecting the Wraith if they are hibernating. They require the ATA Gene to use, and have a range of one hundred meters. They have also been show to be able to detect energy signatures.

Puddle Jumper


Puddle Jumpers, are small spacecraft created by the Ancients. Several of these ships were discovered in various hangars in Atlantis, and are used by the Atlantis expedition for various purposes. Puddle Jumpers feature retractable thrusters that allow them to travel through a Stargate, as well as powerful Drone weapons for self-defense and a cloaking device to avoid detection. They are operated via neural interface, and so the Ancient Technology Activation gene is required to activate and pilot the ship.

The name “Puddle Jumper” is a combination of a visual pun on the ship’s ability to travel through the event horizon of a Stargate (an action also referred to as “Threading the Needle”), which resembles a pool of water, and a reference to the slang term ‘puddle-jumper’ on earth, which means a small plane intended for short distance flights. It was coined by Major John Sheppard, an experienced pilot, who found a serendipitous double meaning when describing the craft. The nomenclature of the ship was immediately protested by Dr. Rodney McKay and Lt. Aiden Ford, who preferred “Gateship”, although their suggestion was rejected.

Ancient Technology

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