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The Stargate leads to many worlds with hundreds of alien races. Each of these races is equivalent to a +4 Race using the race creation rules found in Savage Worlds Deluxe. Below are the ones that are available to players:


Humans are creatures that originated on Earth, but were taken to other worlds by the Goa’uld. Whether they are known as the Tau’ri, the Tollan, or the Genii, they share a common ancestry. All humans receive a free Edge at character creation to reflect their ability to adapt and thrive.

However, those who regularly travel through the Stargate are almost always better trained than the average humans of Earth and as such receive an additional benefit based on their homeworld or cultural background. In addition to the free Edge, all humans in Stargate receive one of the following benefits or an equivalent overall +2 benefit using the Race Creation rules in Savage Worlds Deluxe

  • Tau’ri SGC Soldier: Military Training – All Stargate Command soldiers are members of the United States Air Force and must undergo basic training. They begin play with a d6 in Shooting and Survival and a d4 in Fighting, Piloting, Swimming, and Throwing. However, they also have a Vow (Major) to follow the chain of command in the military.
  • Tau’ri Civilian: Education – Civilians are chosen to work with Stargate Command based on their special knowledge and expertise. All civilians receive a free d6 in any two skills linked to Smarts. Although they are employed by Stargate Command, they are not required to follow the chain of command and therefore are free from many of the restrictions that SGC personnel are bound to.


The Jaffa were humans that were genetically manipulated by the Goa’uld. In exchange for long life and increased vitality, they were designed to incubate Goa’uld symbiotes until full maturity. They are commonly used as warriors by the Goa’uld, though many have rebelled and joined the Free Jaffa.

Any Jaffa who have not gained a symbiote are considered to be Human. A Jaffa cannot become a Tok’ra.

  • Symbiote Health: The symbiote incubated within the Jaffa grants long life and
    increased vitality. All Jaffa start out with a d6 in Vigor.
  • Symbiote Regeneration: Since the symbiote quickly heals wounds sustained in combat, healing rolls can be made every day.
  • Jaffa Toughness: All Jaffa receive the Brawny Edge, providing +1 Toughness and a carrying capacity of 8 times their Strength.
  • Born for Battle: Jaffa learn to fight almost as soon as they are able to walk. All Jaffa begin with a free d6 in Fighting.
  • Disease Immunity: Jaffa are immune to virtually all diseases.
  • Poison Immunity: Jaffa are immune to the most common types of poison.
  • Honor-bound: Although they may fight against each other, all Jaffa are bound by a sense of honor that governs the way they fight. All Jaffa have the Code of Honor Hindrance.
  • Outsider: A Jaffa often find trouble adapting to other cultures and may not be welcome on worlds formerly enslaved by the Goa’uld. All Jaffa receive the Outsider Hindrance.
  • Tretonin Dependency: The ultimate expression of freedom from the Jaffa came when they could use tretonin instead of having to keep a Goa’uld symbiote inside of them. By taking a daily injection, a Jaffa receives the same benefits that a symbiote provides. However, if a Jaffa fails to take tretonin, they suffer one level of fatigue each day (eventually resulting in incapacitation and death).


The Tok’ra are Goa’uld spawned by the Goa’uld Queen Egeria who are against the other Goa’uld and their treacherous ways. The Tok’ra share the bodies of their hosts and work through subterfuge to eliminate the Goa’uld.

A Tok’ra is fully dependent on his or her symbiote. Should it be forcibly removed or injured, the host will die instantly. If the symbiote voluntarily leaves the host, the character effectively becomes a Human (without the benefits typically associated with them), but retains the Naquadah in the Bloodstream ability.

If a Human becomes a Tok’ra during play, they gain all the benefits of a Tok’ra, but must forfeit their next two advances.

  • Symbiote Health: The symbiote within the host grants long life and increased vitality. All Tok’ra start out with a d6 in Vigor.
  • Symbiote Regeneration: Since the symbiote quickly heals wounds sustained in combat, healing rolls can be made every day.
  • A Lifetime of Learning: Throughout their long life, the Tok’ra symbiote has learned to do just about everything. They receive the Jack of All Trades Edge.
  • Disease Immunity: Tok’ra are immune to virtually all diseases.
  • Poison Immunity: Tok’ra are immune to the most common types of poison.
  • Naquadah in Bloodstream: As a result of the blending of host and symbiote, the metal naquadah flows through the character’s veins, allowing the use of Goa’uld devices that require it.
  • Leaders of the Resistance: The Tok’ra firmly believe that they have the wisdom and experience to best decide how to deal with the Goa’uld and other enemies and that other races should defer to them. They all have the Stubborn Hindrance.
  • Tok’ra Responsiblity: The character has a Vow (Major) to fulfill the needs of the Tok’ra, taking precedence over those of those the host is affiliated with.
  • Patience of Generations: The Tok’ra are accustomed to planning for months at a time before taking action against their enemies, especially if it means that no Tok’ra lives will be lost. All Tok’ra have the Cautious Hindrance.
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