Excluded Skills

There are very few vehicles and animals on the worlds that the Stargate leads to and so the Boating, Driving, and Riding an skills are unused. In the rare event that they are needed, a Piloting roll or an Agility roll (GM’s choice) can be used.

New Skill

Characters can use technology from their own culture without having to make a special roll, but those intending to use alien technology will require the Knowledge (Alien Technology) skill. Because there are many different types of alien technology, this skill follows the Skill Specialization setting rule from Savage Worlds Deluxe
Thus if a character uses a piece of alien technology without the appropriate specialization, they make must make a Knowledge (Alien Technology) roll with a –2 penalty in order to successfully use it. Especially complex pieces of technology (notably the Stargate) also require a specialization to use without penalty.

For difficult tasks with unfamiliar technology, a Knowledge (Alien Technology) skill roll may be required along with another skill roll. For instance, if Col. O’Neill wants to pilot a Goa’uld Death Glider to escape a Ha’tak, the GM might require him to roll both Knowledge (Alien Technology) with the Goa’uld Technology specialty and Piloting skill checks and get a success in both in order to pilot the Death Glider successfully.

Note that Teal’c would not have to make a Knowledge (Alien Technology) roll in this situation because he is a Jaffa and has used Goa’uld technology all his life, but he may have to make a Knowledge (Alien Technology) roll with the Tau’ri Technology specialty if he was flying an F-302 since he is much less familiar with the technology of the Tau’ri.

The following specializations are used:

Specialization Example Uses
Stargate Gathering previously dialed gate addresses from a DHD, dealing with a gate malfunction, modifying the gate’s auto-update algorithm, overriding a safety protocol
Tau’ri Technology (For non-humans) Flying an F-302, using a computer Ancient Technology
Using the Dak’ara superweapon, modifying the systems of Atlantis, fixing a Puddle Jumper, operating a stasis pod
Goa’uld Technology Flying a Goa’uld ship, using a ribbon device, disarming a Goa’uld explosive
Asgard Technology Retrofitting the Odyssey with Asgard weaponry and systems, calling the Asgard from a hologram shrine
Replicators Implanting a virus into the Asurans’ base code, activating a replicator in a laboratory in order to tap into their collective information network


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