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A new galaxy to explore, and a new threat to Earth.

H.P. Lovecraft began writing weird fiction as part of United Amateur Press Association in 1914. During the years that followed he developed a fictional universe in which humanities existence is completely irrelevant in the face horrific, cosmic entities. These Great Old Ones once ruled the Earth but then fell into slumber. After H.P. Lovecraft’s death August Derleth continued to develop the ‘Cthulhu Mythos’ with the addition of the Elder Gods. These entities opposed the Great Old Ones, but were not necessarily friends to humanity.

Derleth’s daughter put many of things in storage after his death. When his daughter died in 2011 Derleth’s grandchildren discovered a strange book amongst his things. This book dated back to the early 1900’s and was written in an unknown language. The National Intelligence Department (NID) was alerted when the booked was being shopped around for translation because it was written in Goa’uld. The book was confiscated and taken to Stargate Command.


Translation of the book revealed that H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth were not writing fictional tales. They were actually documenting intelligence for the Tok’ra. The symbiote that was both Lovecraft and Derleth had infiltrated a cabal of Goa’uld several thousand years ago, just prior to the group being exiled by the System Lords. The cabal travelled to the Kadath Galaxy (classified as LGS 3 by human scientists) and found that many of worlds in this new galaxy were already populated by humans. These new System Lords established themselves as gods using such names as Azathoth, Cthulhu, Hastur, and Nyarlothotep while conquering these populations. The Tok’ra agent managed overload a Stargate and travel back to Earth but found himself stranded there. He survived by taking multiple hosts but eventually died, leaving behind his mission report.

The S.G.C. is putting together an expedition to Kadath to carryout surveillance and reconnaissance through the Kadath Stargate network. The threat posed to Earth by these Great Old Ones must be assessed. You are part of a pool of military personnel, academic experts, and alien operatives who form a new type of Stargate team as part of the Kadath Expedition.

Stargate: Mythos

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